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Preventing Clinician Burnout with a Credentialing Automation Service

Preventing clinician burnout is increasingly important to the success of healthcare organizations and the wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

Clinician burnout leads to higher turnover and costs, affects organizational productivity and morale, lowers the quality of care delivered, decreases patient satisfaction, and can result in medical errors and clinician depression and/or suicide.

Preventing clinician burnout: Two clinicians cross their arms and appear stressed out.
A credentialing automation service is the solution you need for preventing clinician burnout.

Why Are Clinicians Experiencing Burnout?

Paperwork and administrative burdens, as well as working long hours, are top contributors to clinician burnout.

In a 2019 Medscape study, 59% of physicians said “too many bureaucratic tasks (e.g. charting, paperwork)” contributes most to their burnout.

“Spending too much time on paperwork” is one of the top three reasons nurses give for wanting to leave their profession, according to RNnetwork’s national study.

Per the American Medical Association, a physician’s chances of experiencing burnout increase by 3% with every additional hour worked each week.

Doctors and nurses didn’t choose their profession for the joys of paperwork; most providers’ true passion is found in helping patients. Yet, physicians participating in a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine spent almost 2 hours on administrative tasks for every 1 hour spent face-to-face with patients, and 1 to 2 hours of personal time at night on clerical work. And research published in the Annals of Family Medicine found that PCPs spend over half their workday in the EHR (during and after clinic hours).

Preventing Clinician Burnout with a Credentialing Automation Service

Before clinicians can even begin their careers, they immediately face the time-consuming administrative tasks required for credentialing and obtaining hospital privileges. Then once credentialed, on top of the excessive time devoted to clinical paperwork and documentation, they must balance ongoing credentialing maintenance in order to continue practicing medicine.

Why not remove a few layers of administrative work by utilizing a credentialing automation service?

EligibilityOne completes all hospital and health plan applications, tracks them to completion, and follows up on them for clinicians. We also provide re-credentialing and re-validation services, while monitoring clinicians’ compliance and sending them automated alerts concerning pending expiration dates.

Whether you are a new provider, starting a new practice, hiring new providers, opening a new location, or dealing with credentialing maintenance and compliance – we can help. Let us lighten your workload and give you back some valuable time.

A credentialing automation service is the solution you need for preventing clinician burnout and reducing physician burnout for those already experiencing it.

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