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Insurance Coverage Discovery

Elevate your insurance verification process with our comprehensive coverage discovery tool. Utilizing historic data and clearinghouses, we uncover active primary and secondary coverage for self-pay or uninsured patients, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your insurance verification procedures.

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Our Automated Process Does All the Work For You!

Coverage Identification
Proprietary solution identifies existing coverage for patients.

Expert CBO Validation

Our experienced CBO staff confirm results, validate benefits, and post the results directly to client’s EMR.

Continuous Improvement Loop

Continuous improvement loop resulting from feedback provided by CBO used to improve engine and increase automation.

Differentiation from Competitors

Competitors simply provide “dirty” files containing false positives. Client is forced to manually review.  Most don’t have the resources and pay for invalid results.

Client Benefits - Validation and Posting

Highlighted steps are key benefits to a client – validation and posting eliminates their direct involvement.

Corporate Background


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