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Third-Party Eligibility & Enrollment

EligibilityOne™ specializes in self-pay/uninsured patient eligibility screening and enrollment services. With a mission to reduce uncompensated care, our dedicated on-site Eligibility Advocates, powered by Advocatorᴬᴵ, ensure real-time scrubbing and eligibility screening for a seamless and efficient healthcare experience.

Setting the Standard in Healthcare Excellence

Our patient eligibility and enrollment services are designed to optimize revenue recovery and enhance the patient experience. Utilizing innovative screening and advocacy technology, we navigate the most effective coverage path for your patients in real time, scanning thousands of state, federal, and local programs. Our dedicated Eligibility Advocates are committed to delivering exceptional, compassionate advocacy, earning consistent high praise from both clients and patients. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your eligibility screening and patient enrollment to EligibilityOne™.

Expanded Onsite Coverage

Extensive Coverage of at Least 12 Hours a Day and 6 Days a Week

Emergency Department Staffing

Our Eligibility Advocates are Hired Locally

Patient Engagement

Face-to-Face Interactions with Patients

Automated Patient Outreach Messaging

Home Visits, Bedside Screening, and In-Field Advocacy

Higher Performance Standards

ALL Accounts are Worked Across EVERY Area (e.g., IP, OP, ED)

All Unlinked Accounts are Closed Within 30 Days

Patient First Technology

Our Patient Screening Tool: Advocatorᴬ

Real-Time Coverage Discovery 


Expansive Electronic Forms Library

Forms Automation

Expertly Trained Staff

Expertise in Pre/Retro Authorizations 

Proficiency in DSH (Disproportionate Share Hospital) processes

In-depth Knowledge of 340(b) Compliance & Disability​

Instant Transparency Reporting

Our Reporting Dashboard: EAPulse

Customized Client-Specific Reports with Account Alerts 


Real-time Access to Account Status​

Seated with Hands Held


Powerfully Accurate Eligibility Verification

Our patient screening tool, Advocatorᴬᴵ, allows you to automatically screen your patients for third-party payors & financial assistance.


✓ Pre-populate application forms

✓ Utilize business rules to identify best candidates for assistance programs

✓ Integrated, real-time presumptive scoring on the front end, upon request, & prior to bad debt

✓ Distributed workflow supporting internal staff, onsite vendors, & offsite/field associates


✓ Identify potential funding sources prior to date of service

✓ Ensure provider is payer of last resort by exhausting all other options first

✓ Segment and prioritize based on propensity to pay

✓ Facilitate and assist staff with follow-up and counseling discussions

✓ More effectively manage your self-pay and patient pay population


✓ Provide compassionate, supportive counseling to self-pay and under-insured patients

✓ Integrated calculators for defining household income and resources

✓ Improve patient advocacy with real-time updates & simultaneous pursuit of multiple programs

✓ Provides payment collection options based on each patient's situation

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