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At EligibilityOne™, our Advocates specialize in screening and enrolling self-pay/uninsured patients, minimizing uncompensated care. Our on-site services are designed to support patient advocacy, providing our advocates with cutting-edge technology for optimal success with eligibility assistance. The combination of on-site eligibility advocates and AdvocatorAI real-time eligibility tool enables increased patient engagement, real-time scrubbing, and Medicaid eligibility verification to enhance efficiency.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Patient Eligibility Assistance & Verification Experts

Expanded On-Site Coverage

Hired locally

Up to 24 hours / 7 days a week*.

*based on peak analysis


Real-time coverage discovery and program screening followed by patient engagement through the

Patient Portal

Patient Engagement

Home visits, bedside

and in-field advocacy.

Followed by communication via our patient portal, text, or email

Experienced Staff
Fully Trained

Both our on-site and off-site employees have experience with Authorizations (pre and retro), DSH, 340(b), disability, and more.

Higher Performance Standards

EVERY account is worked across all areas - Inpatient, Outpatient, ED - and unlinked accounts are closed within 30 days.

Full Transparency
In Real-Time

Client-specific reports with account alerts through our  online reporting dashboard EAPulse. Know the status of any account at anytime.


An Extension of Your Team, Never a Replacement

Eligibility Vendor

Secondary Eligibility

Fully maximize your third-party eligibility success with our secondary eligibility services. We provide an experienced and dedicated team to support your current eligibility practices, whether they are in-house or with a primary vendor. Our services are non-intrusive to current processes and risk-free at a contingency-based price. Our secondary services also include access to our real-time, online reporting dashboards that provide full inventory transparency.    Learn More

Rural Hospital Patient Eligibility

CAH/Rural Eligibility

Partnering with EligibilityOne allows our team to become an extension of yours, never a replacement. We empower your current business office with industry-leading technology and support you with an experienced follow-up team at our dedicated office. Addressing potential financial issues for rural patients and their healthcare organizations can significantly improve healthcare access. We offer CAH facilities technology to help increase reimbursements and improve patient satisfication.     Learn More

Maximize Self-Pay Reimbursement with our RPA-powered
Insurance Coverage Discovery

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