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& Enrollment Services

Billing for out-of-state Medicaid claims is a complicated undertaking. It requires enrollment of both the facility and providers in additional states, maintaining credentials, and overseeing the billing process. Our out-of-state Medicaid team has experience in all 50 states with this process. We enroll, bill and follow-up on all out-of-state Medicaid accounts on behalf of your hospital.

Complex Claim Experts

We Securely Handle All Aspects of
Out-of-State Medicaid Enrollment & Billing

So you don't miss out on this substantial form of reimbursement

  • Facility/Physician Enrollment – applications complete, submit, and maintain at no additional cost

  • OPR Provider Enrollment – If you order, prescribe, refer, or render services for a Medicaid patient, you must be enrolled in the state program to which the patient belongs.

  • Maintenance and Monitoring – prevents expirations and deactivation

  • Contingent Fee Pricing & Facility Enrollment at No Charge – we don’t get paid, until you do

  • Real-Time Online Account Management Dashboard – always know the status of your accounts

  • Early determination and our single point allocation allow for more Medicaid conversions, higher remittance and quicker reimbursement with account transparency

  • Close all out-of-state Medicaid accounts in fewer than 180 days in most cases, aging report provides transparency for final determination

Out of State Medicaid
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