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COVID-19 Services for Uninsured Patients: FAQs

Currently, COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccines may be free to anyone without health insurance.1

Below are answers to frequently asked questions that many uninsured patients have.

FAQs: COVID-19 Services for Uninsured Patients

Which COVID-19 services are free to uninsured patients?

COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccines are all available as free services to uninsured patients.1

Why are these COVID-19 services free?

COVID-19 services for uninsured patients are paid for by the federal HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program.1

What if I receive a bill for COVID-19 services?

You should contact your provider/healthcare facility and request that they bill the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program instead of you.1

What if I have already paid the bill I received for COVID-19 services?

You may be entitled to a refund if your provider billed HRSA as well. First, check if the bill lists HRSA reimbursement for the COVID-19 services. Also, contact the provider/healthcare facility who billed you to discuss a possible refund.2

If you cannot obtain a refund that you believe you are due, you may file a complaint with the HHS Office of Inspector General by calling the hotline at 1-800-HHS-TIPS or visiting their website (https://TIPS.HHS.GOV).2

You may be responsible for payment if the care was not eligible for HRSA reimbursement or the provider did not submit the claim to HRSA. However, at this time, any provider administering COVID-19 vaccines cannot charge you for the vaccine or administration of the vaccine.2

Does immigration status affect eligibility for free COVID-19 services?

No; all uninsured patients are eligible for free COVID-19 services regardless of immigration status.1

Will my immigration status be reported to an immigration agency if I receive free COVID-19 services?

According to HRSA, “Testing, treatment or vaccinations paid for by the federal government will not affect anyone’s immigration status or be shared with immigration agencies.”1

Do I need a Social Security Number or government ID to obtain free COVID-19 services?

No; although you may be asked for this information by the healthcare facility or pharmacy, you can still receive free COVID-19 testing, treatment, and/or vaccination if you unable to provide it.1

EligibilityOne: Helping Uninsured Patients


EligibilityOne assists uninsured patients with finding health coverage and/or applying for other programs to help cover their medical costs. Our services are free to patients.

To learn more about how we help patients, please read the stories of how our Patient Advocates are making a real difference in patients’ lives.

Contact us to reach an EligibilityOne Representative or for more information on COVID-19 services for uninsured patients.



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