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Self Pay Management Services

Impacting Communities, One Patient At A Time.


Advocacy + Technology


Discover the expertise of EligibilityOne™ in authenticating and confirming patient insurance details, guaranteeing precise and prompt reimbursement for the healthcare services extended to each patient. In cases where insurance is unavailable, our team collaborates with patients to determine eligibility for third-party coverage, facilitating a seamless enrollment process.


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Maintenance and Monitoring

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Government Coverage

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Patient advocacy

Programs may be available for patients without insurance or for those with medical bills that they cannot pay. Based on your family income level, you may also qualify for additional financial assistance through your hospital. Enrollment in many programs is time-sensitive, so contact your EligibilityOne™ representative as soon as possible to ensure timely enrollment.

If EligibilityOne™ has tried contacting you, use the patient contact form to respond. 

Who We Are

Our mission is patient advocacy. Everything we do is for the good of each individual patient we work with – and this good ultimately impacts the entire community.

At EligibilityOne™, we focus on your patient first. Our on-site eligibility advocates work one-on-one with each patient to generate results that benefit everyone – the patient, your organization, and the whole community.

EligibilityOne – Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time


Community Impact
Patient advocates

We recognize our Eligibility Advocates for going above and beyond with your patients. Our goal is to make an impact in patients’ lives and assist them beyond the medical bills. We also offer volunteers to work local health fairs to assist your community in signing up for Medicaid / Medi-Cal. 

impacting communities

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