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Community Impact Story: An SSI Obstacle Overcome

At EligibilityOne, our Eligibility Advocates are committed to going the extra mile for every person they assist. Patient Advocacy is their passion, and we believe it is important to acknowledge their exceptional efforts at making a difference in the lives of the patients they help and support.

Below we share the story of how one of our Outstanding Eligibility Advocates went above and beyond for her patient at White Rock Medical Center.

Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time: An SSI Obstacle Overcome

Our Outstanding Eligibility Advocate went the extra mile to ensure her patient’s SSI benefits remained in place.

Our Advocate has helped numerous patients apply for and attain Social Security Disability benefits, including many homeless patients who may not own a phone and cannot be easily contacted.

One patient in particular was especially grateful for our Advocate's Social Security expertise when the patient encountered an obstacle to her eligibility.

Sometime after she initially assisted this patient with obtaining her SSI benefits, the patient contacted our Advocate with some upsetting news. She had received a letter stating that her SSI benefits would be cut off because the balance in her bank account was too high and she was now deemed ineligible to receive these benefits.

The patient was understandably confused and worried. She depended on her SSI benefits – why was she suddenly losing them?

After speaking with the patient, our Advocate learned that she had been saving her SSI checks to buy a portable oxygen tank. However, the patient didn’t realize that saving her SSI payments would put her over the resource limit.

Our Eligibility Advocate clarified the issue with the patient and helped her write a letter to the Social Security Administration office explaining the reason for the amount of money in her account and requesting that her SSI benefits remain in place due to her medical needs.

As a result, the patient was able to continue to receive the SSI benefits for which she qualified.

Our Advocate's sincere commitment to her patient’s well-being went much further than the initial SSI application. She had gained the patient’s trust and confidence when helping her the first time around and the patient knew she could count on our Advocate when facing this new challenge as well. With dedication and perseverance, our Advocate was quick to guide the patient through what may otherwise have been a very frustrating and distressing experience.

Thank you for following through for your patient to ensure she received the SSI benefits and medical treatment she needed.

You are truly an Outstanding Eligibility Advocate!


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