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Community Impact Story: A Family’s Debt Dissolved

At EligibilityOne, our Eligibility Advocates are committed to going the extra mile for every person they assist. Patient Advocacy is their passion, and we believe it is important to acknowledge their exceptional efforts at making a difference in the lives of the patients they help and support.

Below we share the story of how one of our Outstanding Eligibility Advocates went above and beyond for her patient at Mercy Hospital.


Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time: A Family’s Debt Dissolved

Our Eligibility Advocate's patient had been pending Medicaid coverage, but due to the state incorrectly processing her application, the coverage did not start until two months later than it should have.

Sadly, the patient passed away during this time – during the 60 days when Medicaid considered her uncovered.

The patient’s family was at a loss. Not only was their beloved family member gone, but they were also suddenly responsible for the unexpected cost of her medical treatment, which they had thought Medicaid would cover.

Although her patient had died, our Advocate continued to pursue the case on behalf of the patient’s family. For months, she routinely called the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority, trying to reach a caseworker to correct and backdate the patient’s coverage. Unfortunately, each attempt went unresolved.

Yet, our Advocate never gave up. She escalated the account to the county supervisors four separate times, refusing to abandon the patient’s family. Finally, nine months after the patient had received a pending status, the proper corrections were made and the patient’s coverage was backdated.

Thanks to her perseverance, dedication, and compassion, the patient’s grieving family felt the heavy weight of medical debt lifted from their shoulders.

Thank you for your determination to find justice for this patient and her family members.

You are truly an Outstanding Eligibility Advocate!


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