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Community Impact Story: A Family Reunited

At EligibilityAdvocates, our Patient Advocates are committed to going the extra mile for every person they assist. Patient Advocacy is their passion, and we believe it is important to acknowledge their exceptional efforts at making a difference in the lives of the patients they help and support.

This month we are recognizing Belinda Cortez, Jesus Rodriguez, and Jesus Hernandez as Outstanding Patient Advocates!

Below we share the story of how they went above and beyond for their patient at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time: A Family Reunited

Our Outstanding Patient Advocates Belinda Cortez, Jesus Rodriguez, and Jesus Hernandez helped reunite a missing woman with her family, located over 250 miles away.

After 3 months of consistently visiting an unidentified 58-year-old female behavioral health patient on a daily basis, Belinda established trust. The patient shared enough information with her to help the team of advocates find her family through social media. The patient was more than 250 miles from home and had been missing for 4 months. The team contacted the family, and they were reunited with their lost relative within 24 hours.

Belinda never gave up on helping her patient. Thanks to Belinda’s persistence and care and the guidance of Jesus and Jesus in determining what should be done for this patient, her identity was verified, she obtained health coverage, and she was transferred to a qualified behavioral health facility.

The patient now benefits from ongoing healthcare and her medical services are covered. Most importantly, a family was reunited – all due to the consistent and heartfelt concern of our Outstanding Patient Advocates, Belinda Cortez, Jesus Rodriguez, and Jesus Hernandez.

Thank you, Belinda, Jesus, and Jesus, for the impact you have made on this patient and her family. You are truly Outstanding Patient Advocates!

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