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Community Impact Story: Igniting Hope

At EligibilityAdvocates, our Patient Advocates are committed to going the extra mile for every person they assist. Patient Advocacy is their passion, and we believe it is important to acknowledge their exceptional efforts at making a difference in the lives of the patients they help and support.

This month we are recognizing Jennifer Tyler as Outstanding Patient Advocate!

Below we share the story of how she went above and beyond for her patient at Mercy Hospital in Joplin, Missouri.

Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time: Igniting Hope

Our Outstanding Patient Advocate Jennifer Tyler helped a patient and her family obtain Medicaid coverage in the midst of a devastating situation.

A few days before her baby was due, a pregnant and uninsured patient faced the unthinkable. The excitement and joy of becoming a parent turned to sorrow and grief as the patient was suddenly diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

On top of this devastating news lay the looming reality of no health insurance and costly medical bills for both the delivery of the newborn and the life-changing illness.

Our Patient Advocate Jennifer Tyler worked tirelessly to obtain SSD and Medicaid coverage for not only the patient but her family as well. Jennifer made multiple visits to the patient and was committed to lending a compassionate ear to the patient’s mother who was understandably distraught over the circumstances.

Jennifer provided excellent patient care and kindness to a family going through a tremendous ordeal, while securing health coverage and financial assistance for the patient and her newborn baby.

Thank you, Jennifer, for relieving this new mother and her family of the financial anxiety that can unfortunately make a very painful situation even more difficult.

You are truly an Outstanding Patient Advocate!


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