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Community Impact Story: Victims No More

At EligibilityOne, our Eligibility Advocates are committed to going the extra mile for every person they assist. Patient Advocacy is their passion, and we believe it is important to acknowledge their exceptional efforts at making a difference in the lives of the patients they help and support.

Below we share the story of how one of our Outstanding Eligibility Advocates went above and beyond for an employee at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time: Victims No More

With the support of our Outstanding Eligibility Advocate, two young sisters were empowered to obtain Crime Victims’ Compensation and reimbursement for lost wages.

One morning as our Eligibility Advocate arrived at work, a housekeeping employee at Methodist Dallas Medical Center opened up to her about a traumatic experience her nieces had recently been through. The employee’s nieces had been refueling their car at a gas station when they were suddenly caught in the middle of open gunfire.

The sisters sustained gunshot wounds and were rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, they survived and would physically recover. However, our Advocate recalled the anguish in their aunt’s voice as she explained her concern over how to help her sister pay the hospital bill along with future therapy sessions her nieces would need.

At the time, the employee was unaware of the Crime Victims’ Compensation Program. Our Eligibility Advocate not only informed the employee of this assistance option, but also volunteered to help both of her nieces complete an application.

With a huge sigh of relief, the employee immediately called her nieces and our Advocate started helping them right away, making sure the paperwork was fully completed, signed, and submitted.

After a month and a half, they all received the wonderful news that both were approved at 100% as well as compensated for lost wages!

Our Advocate went out of her way to help an employee whom she had grown to love and appreciate during their shared time at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. This willingness to take on additional work outside of her regular patients’ cases, coupled with the rapport she had developed with this employee that made her feel comfortable sharing her story, led to the most favorable outcome for two young victims of violent crime and their extended family.

Thanks to the knowledge and support our Eligibility Advocate provided, two young women were empowered to dramatically improve a situation that had seemed out of control. Their aunt was extremely grateful for our Advocate's help, and our Advocate was overwhelmed with joy knowing that she made a difference for this family. As our Advocate stated, “I see it as God fulfilling His purpose in me and I hope to continue doing His work for as long as I am employed with EligibilityOne.”

Thank you for following your calling to make a difference for families when they need it most.

You are truly an Outstanding Eligibility Advocate!

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